During a dairy cow farm visit, Dr. Bailey smelled a strong odor emitted from a large pool holding brown liquid. She asked what the brown liquid was and why does it smell. The farmer joked and informed her that the funky odor was the smell of money. Then, with a more severe face, the farmer told Dr. Bailey that the “brown liquid” was liquid cow manure and smelled so bad due to greenhouse gasses emitted from the lagoon pool. Lastly, he mentioned expensive environmental fines, pollution, and death of aquatic life could occur if the waste were improperly discharged into the river. Thus, from this experience, Agriwater was born. In 2021, Dr. Bianca Bailey started Agriwater as a doctoral student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Since then, the company has grown with the help of an angel investor and grant funding via the Department of Energy’s Innovation Crossroads Program at Oak Ridge National Lab. Evergreen Climate Innovation & U.S. Bank recently selected Agriwater as the 2023 Climate Tech Inclusion Award Winner.