Electro-Active Technologies, LLC is focused on transforming the perception of organic waste streams from a burden to a resource via high value product generation, reduction in treatment costs and water reuse. We utilize an advanced form of electrolysis known as ‘microbial electrolysis’, which combines bioconversion and electroconversion for efficient degradation of a wide range of compounds within organic waste streams to produce renewable products like hydrogen. ​Waste generation is a global problem and opportunity present at all levels of the economy from the home to large industries. The ability to generate valuable co-products from waste streams is a highly sought after technology, and our robust system has the added advantages of handling a wide variety of wastes while utilizing a modular ‘stack’ design that can be tailored for specific throughput needs from the home to industry. We are striving to help accelerate the adoption of renewable technologies across industries to move toward a greener and more sustainable economy.