Avadain is unleashing the Graphene Revolution with its globally patented, breakthrough technology to manufacture large, thin and nearly defect free graphene flakes using a safe, environmentally friendly process. Graphene is about to supercharge the transformation to a clean, advanced energy economy.

Graphene is one of the most disruptive materials of all time. It’s the lightest, strongest, thinnest, best thermal and electricity-conducting material ever discovered. A tiny amount of Avadain’s graphene can substantially improve hundreds of advanced energy products. For example, replacing electrode conductive material in supercapacitors and EV batteries with a tiny amount of Avadain’s graphene enables faster charging/discharging, 100% depth of discharge and increased power density. 

Backed by Panasonic since 2017, Memphis-based Avadain uses a simple, scalable and cost-effective process – optimized electrochemical exfoliation and expansion – to convert graphite into high quality graphene flakes. When produced in industrial volumes at nominal cost, Avadain’s graphene flake manufacturing is currently being upscaled to mass production to meet the need of >80% of a rapidly growing multi-billion dollar market.

Avadain plans to license its technology to advanced materials manufacturers and companies with a mission-critical need for high quality graphene flakes, including renewable energy, e-mobility, defense, and space exploration.

Contact: Brad Larschan

Website: www.avadaingraphene.com


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