We are the trusted advisor that provide Critical Power Facilities with connected digital power solutions for the new electrical world, turning captured electrical data into information and information into actionable insights.

Qubits helps customers achieve their energy goals by leveraging advanced customization to unlock applications that provide market leading solutions. We protect customer’s reputation by ensuring uptime and reliability through constantly monitoring power, loading and circuits balance, and provide real time actionable data. We enable defensive action by automatically controlling electrical distribution assets and capturing potential issues which prevents your plant from stopping production. In the case of a critical power event, we provide instant visibility to the root cause so your team can recover quickly. Customers save money by visualizing their electrical spend and identifying areas of inefficiencies in their electrical distribution system.

Qubits provides agility by leveraging a fast nimble approach, and partners who brings expertise and reactivity in a time of need. We are confident in our ability as Certified Critical Power and Building Automation EcoXpert by Schneider Electric.

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