SkyNano is a Tennessee-based clean energy tech start-up with a mission to utilize carbon emissions as chemical feedstock to manufacture high value functional materials.

Advanced carbon additives are supermaterials with some of the most impressive mechanical, thermal, and electronic properties of any known material.

However, traditional manufacturing techniques require high vacuum and high pressure gas flow systems, which are expensive and suffer from a lack of scaleability, resulting in a high price for advanced carbon structures.

We focus on a low cost manufacturing technique of high value carbon materials, using only inexpensive materials, electricity, and carbon dioxide as direct inputs.

Using patented technology developed at Vanderbilt University, our technique overcomes cost and scaleability limitations associated with traditional manufacturing techniques, while also giving commercial viability to carbon conversion technologies through the introduction of a high-value secondary material produced from greenhouse gas inputs.

Our technique relies on electrochemistry, rather than solely catalysis, and results in a highly efficient process to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into useful functional nanomaterials.

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