WastAway, based in Morrison, Tenn., is a leading green technology company boasting a multi-patented equipment design and processing system that converts municipal solid waste (MSW) to fuel, achieving 85% landfill diversion. WastAway’s technology removes metals (ferrous and non-ferrous), plastics, glass and ceramics for recycling and converts the remaining waste into sterile carbon rich sustainable engineered fuel for a variety of uses. Its renewable – negative carbon footprint – products include a soil enrichment additive; a proven, high-BTU coal replacement fuel for cement kilns, power plants, steel mills, pulp mills and other solid fuel users; biofuels through gasification and pyrolysis; renewable natural gas (RNG) through anaerobic digestion and building materials through extrusion processes. WastAway was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of Bouldin Corporation, which began in 1959 as Bouldin & Lawson, a manufacturer of agricultural and horticultural machinery for the greenhouse and nursery industries. For more information, visit www.wastaway.com.

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