Harvey Abouelata, founder of AREA51.SOLAR, has extensive experience in business management, business planning, strategy, sales, marketing, promotions, public relations, implementation, and new technology brand identity with concentration in the renewable energy field. 

After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology in 1984, Harvey developed cost accounting and estimating software for manufacturing. This skill set lead to accounting and metric data collection and reporting. Since then he has been helping businesses launch, reorganize, and bring new technology to market. Harvey excels at setting up successful sales, marketing, business plans and economic development strategies for companies, as well as executing public outreach and education. Key phrases you will always hear from Harvey are “fast cycle time,” “In God we trust and all other must provide data” and “Build the win in for all the stakeholders.”

While involved in the solar industry, he has succeeded in bringing millions of dollars in grants to local companies and the state of Tennessee. He is very active in the community and has a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility both in and outside of the work environment.  Today Harvey is a business consultant with a focus on shared assets between private businesses, utilities and municipalities sharing assets and building community economically and environmentally.

Harvey also enjoys spending time with his wife, Kristin, a loan officer with Mortgage Investors Group. Together they have two daughters.  The youngest child is following her mother’s footsteps in the mortgage industry and the eldest’s is following her love for fine food experiences in the restaurant business.

Specialties: Cost accounting, Business and product launches, strategic alliances, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Grants, Green Technology Marketing, Network Television Promotions, Small Business Sales and Marketing Plans, Community, Sales and Marketing.