Angela Bee Chan has a passion for enabling sustainability and resiliency in communities. As the Sales Enablement and Commercial Operations Leader at Schneider Electric, she is responsible for creating, curating and communicating how microgrids are shaping our energy future. Her scope is cross-business and cross-function as she serves as a key interlock point with marketing, sales, channel, and strategy.

Previous to joining Schneider Electric US, she spent 5 years with Schneider Electric Australia as the Head of Innovation for the zone. Angela is also the Founder and CEO of Hackathons International where they aim to provide accelerated job opportunities to talent. With these experiences, she aims to help startups, businesses, municipalities and government entities co-create the evolution of advanced energy.

Angela also has the travel bug and has traveled to over 60 countries, loves to cook and host dinner parties, and enjoys hiking with her two dogs.