Solar Site Design announces 75th construction company to join Commercial Marketplace

Solar Site Design is surging towards more success as the Energy Mentor Network startup announced 75 construction companies are now subscribed to its Commercial Marketplace platform.

Solar Site Design is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is a collaborative, cloud-based marketplace platform that connects sales-ready commercial and industrial solar projects to top solar construction companies to drive down customer acquisition costs.

“Our marketplace was launched last year during Solar Power International, so this demonstrates the tremendous growth we have acquired since then,” said Jason Loyet, Founder.

Loyet elaborated that his company has an even bigger milestone in mind.

“Our goal is to standardize ‘behind the meter’ commercial solar origination and sign 150 construction companies to join Solar Site Design’s marketplace by the end of this year,” said Loyet.

Solar Site Design will exhibit this year at Solar Power International in Las Vegas on September 10 and will announce a major partnership with a global Fortune 500 solar panel manufacturer that Loyet believes will help his company reach and exceed that goal.

“Our Commercial Marketplace Platform is experiencing tremendous traction, and is servicing commercial and industrial properties nationwide,” said Loyet. “Together with our trusted channel agents, we provide commercial property owners with preliminary engineering and financial modeling and educate them on the costs and benefits of installing solar.”

“As soon as the owners choose to install solar, we connect them with (up to) five competitive construction quotes. Our contractors have real-time access into the Marketplace, where they can see when the owner is ready to move forward. And, they don’t have to pay for the project up front; they only pay when the project is won. It’s a win-win for everyone: building owners lean on their trusted advisor to help them receive competitive pricing and the customer acquisition costs are driven down for the installer,” said Loyet.

Loyet went on to say some of the largest solar construction companies in the Southeast have already joined Solar Site Design’s commercial marketplace. Solar Site Design won the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Catalyst award for its innovation on driving down cost of solar through their innovative software platform.

Nashville reaping benefits of LED adoption

Cities like Nashville, Tennessee are leading the charge and reaping the benefits when it comes to LED adoption, according to a news release from GE Lighting.

GE Lighting rated the top 10 cities whose citizens have a greater percentage of purchasing LEDs for their home, and Music City came in at #9. In top cities, one-third of residents have purchased at least one LED over the last year.

The following cities are leaders in LED adoption, saving energy at home.

  1. Seattle, WA (35.5%)
  2. Minneapolis, MN (32.9%)
  3. Oklahoma City/Tulsa, OK (32.3%)
  4. St. Louis, MO (32.2%)
  5. Richmond, VA (30.5%)
  6. Orlando, FL (30.1%)
  7. Hartford/New Haven, CT (30%)
  8. Milwaukee, WI (29.3%)
  9. Nashville, TN (29.2%)
  10. Phoenix, AZ (28.8%)

As LEDs are making lighting technology more energy efficient, the national and global energy sector is rapidly changing. These changes are rippling through all sectors of the economy in increasing visible ways.

LEDs are a prime example of the economic development happening within Tennessee’s advanced energy sector.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is on the forefront of lighting innovation. The discovery of a process to produce high thermal conductivity graphite foam has led to Senior Research Staff Member James Klett‘s research focusing on thermal management materials in applications from personal computers to automobiles to military platforms. James has worked with several companies with the graphite foam to commercialize several applications ranging from satellite radiators to LED lighting.

TAEBC Annual Meeting welcomes new board members, talks of 2017 energy opportunities

The Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council hosted its Annual Meeting Wednesday in Nashville.

During the meeting, it was announced Mary Beth Hudson, Vice President Wacker Polysilicon NCA and Charleston, Tenn. Site Manager as well as Ryan Stanton, Program Leader Smart Cities and Urban Infrastructure at Schneider Electric would serve as TAEBC’s new board members.

Ryan fills Jim Plourde’s board term, as Jim has accepted a new position as Director of Energy Solutions at Powersmiths, a Canadian company that provides products and services that deliver energy and cost savings opportunities to customers.

TAEBC thanks Jim for his service and extends our congratulations on this new position. He’ll continue to be engaged with TAEBC championing advanced energy as an economic development and job creation strategy. Thank you, Jim for your leadership during TAEBC’s formative years.

TAEBC would also like to thank Jimmy Glotfelty of Clean Line Energy Partners and Tom Rogers and Beth Conerty of Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Innovation Crossroads for speaking during the annual meeting. Members enjoyed hearing more about 2017’s energy outlook and opportunities.

The Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council thanks member Bradley for hosting the annual meeting and providing a venue.

TAEBC’s continued success and growth is credited to its members as we look ahead to 2017.

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TAEBC is positioning the state and its members to increase our leadership role in the $1.3 trillion global advanced energy market. In order to do this, TAEBC is focused on four goals in the New Year.

TAEBC wants to reinforce our commitment to our members and stakeholders:

  • Inform the national energy agenda.
  • Help Tennessee become the #1 location in the Southeast for high quality jobs.
  • Foster the growth of Tennessee advanced energy technologies and startups.
  • Support TVA’s efforts to become the utility of the future.

TAEBC Annual Meeting Is Next Week: Features TNECD, TVA Updates


UnknownThere’s still time to register for the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council (TAEBC) annual meeting on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 in Nashville at Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, 1600 Division Street, #700.

The annual meeting is from 2:00 pm CT – 5:30 pm CT and includes a networking happy hour in the lobby of Bradley Arant Boult Cummings. Members are encouraged to bring a guest and hear from TNECD’s Chief of Staff, Ted Townsend and TVA’s Michael Scalf, with Stakeholder Relations, on distributed generation. Members will review 2015 accomplishments and discuss 2016 programs and priorities.

Scalf will discuss the recently formed stakeholder group. TAEBC was chosen to participate in the distributed generation group that works to build a greater understanding of issues, technologies and challenges/opportunities in distributed energy resources.

Townsend will talk to TAEBC members about Tennessee’s growing economy and why more businesses are choosing to locate to the Volunteer State. He will also update on how TNECD is playing a role in championing the state’s advanced energy sector.

The annual meeting is a great way for members and prospective members to learn about the value of TAEBC membership and how the the organization champions advanced energy as an economic development job creation strategy so Tennessee can grab its more than fair share of the $1.3 trillion global advanced energy market.

The meeting also provides an opportunity for members to provide feedback on projects/priorities that foster the growth of Tennessee’s advanced energy jobs, companies and technologies.

To register or for more information click here.

TAEBC members discuss 2015 priorities and projects at annual meeting

TAEBC’s annual meeting in Nashville on March 26 served as a forum for members to provide feedback on 2015 projects and priorities that foster the growth of Tennessee’s advanced energy jobs, companies and technologies. As well as determine the best role for TAEBC to serve as a champion, facilitator and convener of advanced energy projects and initiatives. Topics covered during the meeting included TAEBC membership, 2015-2016 event calendar, Tennessee Advanced Energy Economic Impact Report release strategy and 2014 successes.

Members agreed the greatest value of their TAEBC membership is networking opportunities and increased visibility of the industry. To build on this, TAEBC will launch a 12-month event calendar this summer. It will include another member delegation visit to Washington D.C. to meet with the U.S. Department of Energy to get our members questions answered and problems solved.

At the request of our members, TAEBC will submit comments on TVA’s draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP). Comments will align with our mission and we’ll use the Tennessee Advanced Energy Economic Roadmap as the foundation for our remarks. Members who would like to be involved in commenting on the IRP should contact Allie.