Cities like Nashville, Tennessee are leading the charge and reaping the benefits when it comes to LED adoption, according to a news release from GE Lighting.

GE Lighting rated the top 10 cities whose citizens have a greater percentage of purchasing LEDs for their home, and Music City came in at #9. In top cities, one-third of residents have purchased at least one LED over the last year.

The following cities are leaders in LED adoption, saving energy at home.

  1. Seattle, WA (35.5%)
  2. Minneapolis, MN (32.9%)
  3. Oklahoma City/Tulsa, OK (32.3%)
  4. St. Louis, MO (32.2%)
  5. Richmond, VA (30.5%)
  6. Orlando, FL (30.1%)
  7. Hartford/New Haven, CT (30%)
  8. Milwaukee, WI (29.3%)
  9. Nashville, TN (29.2%)
  10. Phoenix, AZ (28.8%)

As LEDs are making lighting technology more energy efficient, the national and global energy sector is rapidly changing. These changes are rippling through all sectors of the economy in increasing visible ways.

LEDs are a prime example of the economic development happening within Tennessee’s advanced energy sector.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is on the forefront of lighting innovation. The discovery of a process to produce high thermal conductivity graphite foam has led to Senior Research Staff Member James Klett‘s research focusing on thermal management materials in applications from personal computers to automobiles to military platforms. James has worked with several companies with the graphite foam to commercialize several applications ranging from satellite radiators to LED lighting.