Episode 21: Dr. Chris Burns of NOVONIX

Jun 11, 2024

Episode Description Host Cortney Piper interviews Dr. Chris Burns, Chief Executive Officer of NOVONIX, a leading battery materials and technology company with operations in the United States and Canada. Recently, DOE awarded NOVONIX […]

Episode 18: Monica Walker of General Motors

Mar 5, 2024

Episode Description In this episode, Host Cortney Piper interviews Monica Walker, Manager of Renewables & Energy Strategy at General Motors. GM has a bold vision for the future. One with zero crashes, zero […]

Episode 17: Jennifer Safavian of Autos Drive America

Feb 6, 2024

Episode Description Host Cortney Piper interviews Jennifer Safavian, President and Chief Executive Officer of Autos Drive America. Autos Drive America’s mission is to grow the U.S. automotive industry by advocating for and defending […]

Episode 16: Liliana Ramirez of Ford Motor Company

Jan 9, 2024

Episode Description In what is likely Host Cortney Piper’s favorite interview to date, she interviews Liliana Ramirez, Global Director of Workforce Development at Ford. Ramirez is responsible for using cutting-edge strategies to build […]

Celebrating TAEBC’s 2023 accomplishments

Dec 15, 2023

By Cortney Piper, Executive Director  It’s an incredible time to be involved in the advanced energy industry in Tennessee.  In August, the Tennessee Valley Authority announced a $25 billion investment […]

Episode 15: Kevin Heaslip of TEAM TN

Dec 12, 2023

Episode Description How can we advance mobility solutions for all Tennesseans? In this episode, Host Cortney Piper interviews Dr. Kevin Heaslip, Director of the Center for Transportation Research at the University […]

Episode 14: Gina Bonini of Modine

Nov 7, 2023

Episode Description Host Cortney Piper interviews Gina Maria Bonini, Vice President and General Manager of Advanced Thermal Systems at Modine. They are headquartered in Racine, Wisconsin, but the EV component manufacturing occurs at […]