TAEBC had the pleasure of participating in a workshop at the Howard Baker Jr. Center for Public Policy this week to brainstorm energy policy ideas and topics for consideration in the context of a state energy plan. The workshop complements a Baker Center project funded by the State of Tennessee to create a state energy benchmark profile as a prelude to a potential state energy plan development effort. Special thanks to Representative John Ragan, Chair of the House Energy Task Force, for his leadership on this issue and starting the discussion with stakeholders.

After hosting more than a half dozen listening sessions across the state this year, we know our members and the advanced energy industry have important information to share regarding policies to expand and strengthen the industry. We put much of that information in A Roadmap for Tennessee’s Advanced Energy Economy.

As you would expect, a lot of our discussions at the Baker Center focused on playing to Tennessee’s advanced energy assets and financing mechanisms for our great ideas.

One resource that TAEBC learned about during our recent visit to Washington D.C. is the “Guide to Federal Financing for Energy Efficiency and Clean Energy Deployment,” updated October 1, 2014: a resource guide that lists the various federal financing programs for which energy efficiency and clean energy qualify — meant to make it easier for state, local and tribal leaders, along with their partners in the private sector, to find capital for energy efficiency and clean energy projects.

A priority for TAEBC is to identify financing mechanisms for advanced energy projects and inform policy that expands the industry, so stay tuned for more information.