Jeremy BegleyThe Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council is a membership-driven organization. Each month, we highlight one of our valued members. This week, we’re talking to Jeremy Begley, Founding Partner of HVAC Design Partners. Learn more about HVAC Design Partners here.

What is the value of the advanced energy industry in Tennessee?

Jeremy Begley: The advanced energy industry in Tennessee helps provide a pathway for the state and its residents to take advantage of its unique geographical position and harness clean renewable energy. It can drive electrification and future-proof the state.

How does your organization fall under the advanced energy industry?

Begley: HVAC Design Partners specializes in HVAC Design for high-performance and low-load buildings. Paul Yankie and I have been in the high-performance building area for over 20 years and bring the experience of over 500 buildings certified in green building programs. In designing for high-performance and low-load buildings, we can match the latest technology in heat pumps to the building and allow them to operate without the need for natural gas. Inverter heat pumps also lend themselves as the best use case for heating and cooling to maximize the use of renewable energy.

What exciting developments would you like to discuss about your organization?

Begley: Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, we just opened our first remote location in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Why did your organization join TAEBC?

Begley: We feel our mission and company values in terms of energy consumption align perfectly with TAEBC.

What value does TAEBC provide to your organization and the state of Tennessee?

Begley: TAEBC provides a place to meet companies with similar goals and interest in terms of energy consumption and consumption.

About HVAC Design Partners: HVAC Design Partners is a dynamic alliance between Paul Yankie and Jeremy Begley. With 20 years of combined experience between them in HVAC Design, Test and Balance and Green Building Verification, the partnership was formed to meet the ever-changing HVAC design and commissioning needs of the residential and light commercial construction market. Our specialization is in design for high performance and low load buildings. We have a certain set of skills that allows us to move you fluidly and rapidly through HVAC Design compliance in green building programs. Learn more on our TAEBC Members page.