Ivan headshotThe Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council is a membership-driven organization. Each month, we highlight one of our valued members. For November, we’re talking to Ivan Ospina, President, Co-Founder and Global OPs Manager of Qubits Energy LLC. Learn more about Qubits Energy here.

What is the value of the advanced energy industry in Tennessee? 

Ivan Ospina: Advanced energy brings creative technology experts together with common energy goals, which will benefit industries, our communities, our State and our children’s future. Normalizing the use of solar and other alternative energy sources, will promote innovative energy management ideas through local companies such as Qubits, contributing to our local economy and the industry’s innovation.

How does your organization fall under the advanced energy industry?  

Ospina: Qubits exists to support a sustainable future for our customers and our planet, everything we do and create is to optimize energy efficiency and to increase the resiliency of electrical distribution systems. Using advanced digital energy management products, we help manage energy in a secure and clean manner through IoT connected, advanced and customized solutions. Electricity should be a safe resource to all without any negative impact to the environment and its users.

What exciting developments would you like to discuss about your organization?  

Ospina: We are experts on energy management systems for critical power facilities (data centers, hospitals, airports, manufacturing plants, etc.) We are excited about the resiliency our customers are gaining through our modern implementations. We also have a few initiatives going on around power quality monitoring and mitigation, and cyber-secure IoT remote energy management system solutions for customers to which energy is important, but do not have local expertise or want the liability of running locally such systems. Also, helping hospitals be more resilient with increased patient safety.

Why did your organization join TAEBC? 

Ospina: Because we have the same passion for the advanced energy industry and share the same sustainability vision that our customers, our State and our world are looking for nowadays. Qubits’ home is Tennessee.

What value does TAEBC provide to your organization and the state of Tennessee? 

Ospina: The value of community with common goals for sustainability, resiliency, passion for research and development in the energy industry to make it more efficient and accessible. It also promotes Tennessee advanced energy companies which helps our local economy. 

About Qubits Energy LLC: Qubits Energy provides services and custom solutions for Critical Power facilities, Data Centers and Buildings. The company was founded by engineers who had a vision to provide an integrated approach to critical power monitoring, energy controls, and building solutions. With over two decades of field experience working in power monitoring and building automation, Qubits Energy focuses on creating custom trusted applications for energy control and optimization, as well as building automation. We provide true specialists who deliver excellence through our technical services. Our mission is to provide expert services, technical expertise, innovative engineered systems, and delivery performance to provide quality customer satisfaction. Solving your energy management problems and building automation challenges. Learn more here.