Elliott Barnett headshotThe Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council is a membership-driven organization. Each month, we highlight one of our valued members. This week, we’re talking to Elliott Barnett, CEO of Strata-G. Learn more about Strata-G here

What is the value of the advanced energy industry in Tennessee? 

Elliott Barnett: The value of the advanced energy industry in Tennessee can be found in many sectors, including automotive and its EV supply chain, solar, new battery technology, and smart manufacturing. The advances in these and other Tennessee industries will allow the state to participate in the global advanced energy technology network.

How does your organization fall under the advanced energy industry? 

Barnett: Strata-G has partnered with the University of Tennessee to provide management support to the West TN Solar Farm, one of the largest solar installations in the Southeast. We have partnered with the Sevier County Utility District convert its fleet to compressed natural gas (CNG). We have supported the construction of a large, state-of-the-art steam plant for the University of North Dakota and are now working on upgrading the entire 6 million square foot campus to be more sustainable. We facilitated Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s involvement in the Tennessee Green Star Partnership by developing tools to implement sustainability practices such as green buildings, energy efficiency, transportation, electronic stewardship and green purchasing.

What exciting developments would you like to discuss about your organization? 

Barnett: Strata-G is excited about deploying our spectrum of engineering, environmental, and professional technical experts to the infrastructure and advanced energy challenges and opportunities of this decade. Please click this link for information about our values and expertise.

Why did your organization join TAEBC? 

Barnett: To engage with organizations, institutions, and people that are leading the way into the future of advanced energy technology and practices.

What value does TAEBC provide to your organization and the state of Tennessee? 

Barnett: TAEBC plugs us into a network of institutions, organizations, businesses and people engaged in advanced energy in Tennessee and aligns us with a forward-looking issue that will have positive benefits for the people of Tennessee and the world.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

Barnett: Thank you, TAEBC, for the leadership you provide and the opportunity you give a small company like Strata-G to participate in thinking about and planning for the future from a global perspective.

About Strata-G: Strata-G, LLC is a team of approximately 200 engineers, scientists, safety professionals, and project managers dedicated to the responsible care of client entrusted resources in the environmental, energy, defense, utilities, and infrastructure sectors. Learn more on our TAEBC Members page.