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In some of our recent blog posts, we’ve described three distinctive features of Tennessee’s energy economy that together reflect the challenges and opportunities for the expansion of advanced energy technologies:

  1. High Per-Capita Energy Consumption
  2. A Gap in Personal Income
  3. The Potential of Three Major Players (and who are they?)

This information comes out of a document that TAEBC created called A Roadmap for Tennessee’s Advanced Energy Economy – and there’s a lot more to it than the features listed above.

There is increasing evidence that Tennessee’s advanced energy sector is poised for a period of sustained growth. TAEBC was created to help facilitate this growth by championing the use and manufacture of advanced energy technologies as an economic development strategy. With an overview of the existing companies and research institutions in Tennessee that together form the foundation for continued growth of the design, manufacture and installation of advanced energy technologies, the Roadmap for Tennessee’s Advanced Energy Economy seeks to provide the context for decisions by business and government leaders that could make a lasting contribution to Tennessee’s economic base over the next decade.

TAEBC’s goal is to help business and government view Tennessee’s advanced energy assets as an emerging sector that will play an increasing role in the state’s economic development. The Roadmap provides an overview of Tennessee’s economy and energy assets, a window into innovations that might transform the advanced energy sector, opportunities for greater energy efficiency, and a number of conclusions that TAEBC hopes will contribute to a discussion about how best to promote the growth of advanced energy technologies in Tennessee.


The Energy Technology and Environmental Business Association (ETEBA) hosted the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council’s (TAEBC) Cortney Piper during its monthly dinner meeting on August 28 at the Holiday Inn Cedar Bluff in Knoxville. Piper spoke about the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council and its mission to promote advanced energy as a job creation and economic development strategy.

Piper presented the TAEBC Advanced Energy Asset Inventory and solicited feedback regarding the best ways the organization can foster the growth of our state’s advanced energy technologies, companies and jobs. She gave an in-depth explanation of TAEBC’s mission, plus how the organization promotes that mission through roundtables, listening sessions and other events.

Attendees asked stimulating questions about what the Federal government is doing to help Americans save money through advanced energy. Piper explained that Executive Order 13514 authorized the Federal government to enter into a minimum of $2 billion in performance-based contracts in Federal building energy efficiency. Individual agency sustainability plans are available here.

ETEBA is a non-profit trade association representing more than 250 small, large and mid-sized companies that provide environmental, technology, energy, engineering, construction and related services to government and commercial clients. Its mission is to promote the success of its members by fostering market understanding, identifying business opportunities and advocating for our common interests.