TAEBC members Signal Energy Constructors, Tennessee Solar Solutions, and ARiES Solar got recognized as some of North America’s best solar contractors by ranking in the top 500 solar companies in the country.

Signal Energy Constructors ranked in the top 20, Tennessee Solar Solutions ranked #240, and ARiES Solar achieved a #301 ranking out of 500 solar companies. Solar Power World magazine created the Top 500 Solar Contractors List. The list is designed to observe solar contractors’ work across the U.S. and Canada. The companies who made the list make a lasting impact in the industry by providing jobs and offering electricity consumers more options.

The list describes the company’s location, how many employees it has, its primary market, and details its primary service. Ranks are determined by the number of megawatts a company was involved with installing in 2016 in North America only. If two companies reported the same 2016 numbers, they were sorted by total megawatts installed.

According to the list, Signal Energy Constructors installed 424 total megawatts for 2016 alone. By also employing 127 people, the company has managed to build more than 1,413 megawatts since it was founded in 2005 in Chattanooga.

As for Tennessee Solar Solutions, the company installed 2.6 total megawatts for 2016. With 23 employees, Tennessee Solar Solutions overall has produced 11.3 megawatts since it was founded in 2007 in Chattanooga.

Also according to the list, ARiES Solar installed 1.4 total megawatts for 2016. With 18 employees, the company overall has produced 2.2 megawatts since it was founded in 2011 in Knoxville.