The Energy Mentor Network’s first graduate, Solar Site Design, announced the launch of a next-generation platform called Loyal.Energy in Q2 of 2019. Headquartered in Nashville, Solar Site Design is a collaborative, cloud-based marketplace platform that connects sales-ready commercial and industrial solar projects to solar construction companies.

Leveraging the same core technology and processes, Loyal.Energy broadens the commercial marketplace from a solar-only approach to include all distributed energy resource technologies, such as building performance, LED lighting and retrofit, HVAC, roofing, retail electric procurement and utility cost recovery.

“We’re proud of the early success of Loyal.Energy as we expand our origination platform offering to work with all Energy Service Providers,’” said Jason Loyet, founder of Solar Site Design and Loyal.Energy. “Loyal.Energy allows our champion originators to offer money saving solutions for the entire energy footprint for all commercial and industrial facilities across the Nation. We really believe that this is where the future of the energy space is headed.”

After spending nearly 15 years in the solar energy space, Loyet spoke with a growing number of commercial and industrial facilities who wanted to take a more “holistic” approach to energy improvements for their properties.

While Loyet is still working with some of the top solar installers in the country through Solar Site Design, he said these organizations are also able to also leverage the Loyal.Energy platform to connect with clients who are looking for additional energy services.

“The Loyal.Energy platform creates the opportunity for our originators to win lifetime energy contracts,” Loyet elaborated. “It also allows for business owners to be able to connect to more energy technologies that are going to save them money.”

With the launch of Loyal.Energy, Loyet was clear that the SunShot award winning Solar Site Design is here to stay. The company remains committed to expanding the solar energy sector and has many exciting new project developments on the horizon.

“Solar Site Design is part of the largest rooftop solar project in the state of Tennessee being built this year on Blue Cross Blue Shield’s headquarters,” Loyet said. “We teamed with Lawson Electric on the 1.1MW solar project in Chattanooga that is scheduled to be commissioned in 2019. We continue to team with leading energy contractors across the nation to help drive down the cost of energy projects through our innovative Marketplace platforms.”

While enrolled in the Energy Mentor Network program, Solar Site Design received strategic business, marketing, and financial guidance by completing a series of panels and discussions with its mentors. To learn more about the Energy Mentor Network and its mission to foster advanced energy technologies and startups throughout the state, visit this page.

Energy Service Providers can learn more about the Loyal.Energy platform by following this link.