Don Haynes headshotThe Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council is a membership-driven organization. Each month, we highlight one of our valued members. This week, we’re talking to Don Haynes, the Environmental and Sustainability Manager at Florim USA. Learn more about Florim USA here.

What is the value of the advanced energy industry in Tennessee? 

Don Haynes: Advanced energy is part of the answer to the climate challenge, which we take seriously and are working towards our piece of the solution. We take several steps to reduce the embodied carbon of our products and we have prepared environmental product declarations (EPD) for all tile manufactured at the Clarksville factory to support analyses of low embodied carbon in tile installations. 

How does your organization support the advanced energy industry? 

Haynes: We are significant users of energy in general and have interest in cleaner sources as we continue to consistently improve our production efforts and the quality of our product. In 2015, Florim invested $12.5 million in the installation of a continuous milling plant and a new high-efficiency kiln, which generated an increase in production capacity with a reduction in atmospheric emissions, and as a member of TAEBC, we support the effort to continue the state’s growing advanced energy technologies.

Why did your organization join TAEBC? 

Haynes: To be at the forefront of information on advanced energy in Tennessee.

What value does TAEBC provide to your organization and the state of Tennessee? 

Haynes: In 2020, Florim USA was welcomed by TDEC as a member of the Tennessee Green Star Partnership – an environmental leadership program that recognizes manufacturers across the state committed to sustainability and exhibiting continuous improvement on their operations. TAEBC mirrors a similar mission to champion the state’s leaders in economic development in the advanced energy sector by providing centralized and timely information for its members.

What are your hopes for the future of the advanced energy industry in Tennessee? 

Haynes: Florim is committed to technological innovation and to producing timeless and sustainable products. Our hopes for the future of the industry in Tennessee is for there to be broader, more economical sources of clean energy.

About Florim USA: Florim USA in Clarksville, TN is one of the largest floor and wall porcelain tile manufacturing plants in North America. Established in 2000, the facility spans over 1 million square feet of covered space and produces over 100 million square feet of tile annually. Our core principals are product innovation, quality, design and ecological mindfulness. With several global and national environmental accreditations and certifications, Florim USA is the largest manufacturing facility in the world to achieve the WELL Health and Safety Rating. We source raw materials within a 500-mile radius of the facility, achieving local independence and strength in the manufacturing process. Produced for a variety of channels, Florim USA’s tile is represented in over 2500 stores nationally. Milestone is the manufacturer’s distributed brand. Learn more here.