Technology suppliers in Tennessee are ready to help pave the way to develop and manufacture high-efficiency, low-carbon technologies for big trucks, buses and other large vehicles. It’s all in an effort to meet new national standards for fuel efficiency in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles on America’s roadways.

In the first-ever attempt to gauge the scope of the United States’ high-efficiency technology supplier sector for heavy-duty trucks and buses, CALSTART looked over businesses and identified and mapped 255 companies.  The firms range from vehicle manufacturers to component suppliers to technology developers. Of those companies, 4 of them are in Tennessee.

  1. Hankook Tire in Clarksville develops three new tires that maintain the best driving performance while also keeping in mind climate change due to global warming.
  2. Bridgestone in Nashville creates new tire designs with narrower treads, larger diameters and higher inflation pressure to reach maximum fuel efficiency thanks to “ologic” technology.
  3. Spicerparts located in Gordonsville makes driveshaft technology in medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that are light-weight, lower cost and last longer on the open road with vibration control.
  4. Magneti Marelli in Pulaski offers advanced solutions for diesel engines while respecting the environment. The company creates a Multijet system which reduces pollutants and noise, a system that’s catching on around the world.

Medium- and heavy-duty vehicles make up about 20 percent of GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions and oil use for U.S. transportation but are only about 5 percent of the vehicles on the road.

Proterra, Inc. battery electric buses are jumpstarting Nashville’s zero-emission mass transit system. (Courtesy: Proterra, Inc. & Cleantechnica)

Proterra, Inc. battery electric buses are jumpstarting Nashville’s zero-emission mass transit system. (Courtesy: Proterra, Inc. & Cleantechnica)

Businesses that rely on large trucks and buses know that more efficient vehicles save money, and reduced fuel use is a fundamental driver for heavy-duty efficiency technologies. But as the report makes clear, many companies support strong national standards because they help signal future technology needs, provide clear goals and reduce risk for making investments.

For example, Proterra, Inc. has been working alongside Nashville’s Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) since February 2014. MTA announced last year it purchased nine 35-foot Proterra EcoRide™ electric buses, which will help with Nashville’s zero-emission mass transit system. Proterra, Inc. is a leading provider in making zero-emission, battery-electric buses.

Proterra, Inc. buses can last for up to 12 years and during that time it’ll save Nashville around $462,000 compared to diesel, making them 64% more cost-effective to operate than diesel.

For a look at the Heavy-Duty High Efficiency Technology Suppliers interactive map and it’s influence in Tennessee, click here.