The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has released its 2019 Final Integrated Resource Plan and associated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). The IRP will guide TVA on how to best meet energy demands over the next two decades. 

During the IRP drafting process, TVA took input from stakeholders and the public to ensure it continues to provide reliable, affordable and clean electricity to the region. Following the release of the draft IRP on Feb. 15, 2019, TAEBC submitted comments in April. 

TVA updated its 2015 IRP to create a more flexible and dependable power-generation system that effectively leverages more renewable energy sources and distributed energy resources. According to IRP study results outlined in the Executive Summary, TVA indicated:

  • There is a need for new capacity in all scenarios to replace expiring or retiring capacity.
  • Solar expansion plays a substantial role in all futures.
  • Gas, storage and demand response additions provide reliability and/or flexibility.
  • No baseload resources (designed to operate around the clock) are added, highlighting the need for operational flexibility in the resource portfolio.
  • Additional coal retirements occur in certain futures.
  • Energy efficiency (EE) levels depend on market depth and cost-competitiveness.
  • Wind could play a role if it becomes cost-competitive.
  • In all cases, TVA will continue to provide for economic growth in the Tennessee Valley.

TVA’s Board of Directors will discuss and consider the IRP recommendation during its August meeting. Following board approval, a Record of Decision will be published.