The Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council runs the Energy Mentor Network in partnership with Launch Tennessee. Its goal is to foster the growth of Tennessee advanced energy technologies and startups by connecting entrepreneurs with mentors and industry specific expertise. Electro-Active Technologies, an EMN company and Innovation Crossroads graduate, was recently featured in Waste360 for its zero-carbon, alternative fuel product. 

In the Waste360 article, Electro-Active Technologies’ Co-Founders Alex Lewis and Abhijeet Borole discuss how they use food waste combined with electricity to create clean hydrogen, a renewable source of energy that could cut greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel by up to 34%.

“In simplest terms, we use electrons and protons from food, which have electric charges, to make hydrogen,” Lewis told Waste360. 

Read the rest of the Waste360 article about Electro-Active Technologies here. To learn more about the Energy Mentor Network, along with its companies and mentors, follow this link

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