The Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council is continuing its series of feature stories highlighting the mentors behind the Energy Mentor Network program offering industry specific expertise.

The Energy Mentor Network‘s goal is to foster the growth of Tennessee advanced energy technologies and startups by connecting entrepreneurs with mentors. This gives Tennessee yet another advantage in grabbing its more than fair share of the $1.4 trillion global advanced energy market.

The Energy Mentor Network is run by the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council in partnership with Launch Tennessee.

In broad strokes, the Energy Mentor Network pairs mentors with promising new companies and entrepreneurs through a structured program involving panel presentations and mentoring sessions.

The purpose of the program is to develop quality startups. After completing the program, startups will have an investable pitch deck, a rock solid business model and a plan to establish more traction. These tools will position Tennessee’s entrepreneurs to raise capital, request other funds like SBIR grants, and scale their company.

This week TAEBC is highlighting Dave Seeman. Dave is a Nashville native and co-owner at Fractal Hardware, a product development agency based in his hometown. Dave earned his B.S. in mechanical engineering at The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, during which time he worked at Duke Energy and became passionate about renewable energy. Dave’s familiarity with startups began later when he founded a web startup in Knoxville, a process to which he credits learning some quintessential lessons about starting companies, particularly in the Southeast.

After that, he returned to design engineering at URS, where he worked in material handling for the Uranium Processing Facility at Oak Ridge. Since then he has played a key role in developing products related to security, outdoor gear, surgery, law enforcement, and more. Outside of his day job, Dave is also a productivity and automation geek, novice programmer, and musician. To contact Dave, connect with him on LinkedIn.

TAEBC is continuing to accept mentors for the Energy Mentor Program. If you are interested in this opportunity, please visit the “For Mentors” section of the Energy Mentor Network portion of TAEBC’s website.