A new crowdsourcing initiative developed by TAEBC Charter Member Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) invites entrepreneurs to get a jumpstart on accelerating the deployment and commercialization for some of Tennessee’s most promising next generation advanced energy technologies.

JUMP encourages participants to Join the discussion, Unveil innovation, Make connections, and Promote technology to market.

Four industry partners – A.O. Smith, GE, Honeywell, and United Technologies Research Center – provide cash awards for winning ideas.

JUMP-LogoLaunched in March, JUMP welcomes energy efficient building technology design ideals and all
Logo_ORNLcampaigns are focused on cultivating innovation for energy efficient technologies for residential and commercial building markets. Technologies may be related to equipment and appliances, system and buildings integration, sensors and controls, and/or envelope technologies. In addition, one submitter may post more than one idea within the same campaign category.

“We’ve reached out for new ideas—not telling, but listening to innovators who can play a pivotal role in R&D of energy-efficient technologies that reduce energy costs for our homes and other buildings,” said Melissa Voss Lapsa, ORNL’s Group Leader for Whole-Building and Community Integration.

JUMP connects innovators to industry to make the most innovative ideas happen. Through campaigns, JUMP provides in-kind technical support and recognizes the best ideas at industry events and demonstrations.

“With JUMP, ORNL is engaging directly with industry partners, developing crowdsourcing campaigns to address pressing industry challenges and accelerate the next generation of energy efficient building technologies,” Lapsa said.

Industry partners intend to provide cash awards that range between $3,000 and $5,000 for winning ideas. In addition, ORNL may provide in-kind technical support in the validation, testing, and prototyping of winning ideas.

Recent winners include:
Equipment & Appliances Campaign – A concept for a hybrid air-water conditioner that exploits synergies between conditioning and dehumidification of indoor air, ventilation and hot water heating to significantly reduce energy expenditures associated with these processes.

Sensors & Controls Campaign – A design for variable air volume (VAV) mixing boxes, including combining temperature and carbon dioxide sensors to control minimum airflow settings of individual VAV boxes, yielding significant energy savings.

Envelope Technologies Campaign – A novel approach to installing high performance expanded polysterene (EPS) foam window frames and insulated glass units at job sites. This concept would both reduce the risks of improper installation and ensure a tight, well insulated and energy-saving window package.

For more information and updates on JUMP campaigns and how to apply, visit http://web.ornl.gov/jump