Attend to hear about a flexibility project in Henry County, Tenn. 

One of the Tennessee Advanced Energy Business Council’s four commitments to our members is to support the Tennessee Valley Authority and local power companies’ (LPCs) efforts to become energy companies of the future. Each year, TAEBC hosts Advanced Energy 101 webinars to meet this goal, connect with LPCs and help LPCs navigate the state’s advanced energy (AE) landscape.

On November 2, TAEBC will host its next virtual Advanced Energy 101 event, sponsored by Silicon Ranch Corporation, from 12 to 1 p.m. ET. The webinar will feature a discussion with the Paris Board of Public Utilities (Paris BPU) and Silicon Ranch about a flexibility project in Henry County, Tenn. Event speakers include:

  • Terry Wimberley, President and CEO of Paris BPU
  • Matt Brown, Vice President of Business Development at Silicon Ranch 
  • Jamie Bach, Manager of Renewable Energy Solutions at TVA
  • Cortney Piper, Executive Director of TAEBC

“Silicon Ranch and TAEBC are proud to host this webinar highlighting both TVA and LPCs on the innovative LPC Flexibility program and best practices, lessons learned and also hear from Paris BPU on their case study as they advance their solar flexibility project,” says Brown. “This is the first time in TVA’s 80+ year history where they allow their customer partners to procure and develop their own distributed generation, which is exciting. The webinar is intended to motivate and educate more LPCs to engage in the program and process to provide clean energy that is affordable and supports their customers’ needs.”

Last year, TVA began allowing LPCs the flexibility to generate up to 5% of their average electric needs from distributed resources. That equates to about 800 megawatts of new distributed generation, or 2,000 MW if all the generation is solar power, said TVA. 

The program, approved by TVA’s board in February 2020, allows any of the 141 local power companies that have entered into 20-year Long-Term Partnership Agreements with TVA to reduce the amount of energy they buy, potentially cutting their overall energy costs. TVA serves 154 local power companies.

“TAEBC is continuing our Advanced Energy 101 webinar series to support our LPCs in becoming energy companies of the future,” says Piper. “The more information that we can provide, the better position they will be in to take advantage of new technology trends. Whether that is making their systems more efficient or being able to attract new economic development prospects because they have more distributed energy sources, TAEBC is proud to support our state’s LPCs.”

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